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Homeschool Curriculum For Kids - Physics


Starting from our initial lesson on gravity, this 6-course curriculum introduces students to the major physical laws of the universe.

We recommend that this sub-curriculum in physics be taught one lesson per week in the order below.


Gravity - Homeschool Science Curriculum Gravity - Find out why things fall when you drop them!

Inertia, Force, Friction - Homeschool Science Curriculum Inertia, Force, & Friction - All the things needed for some great skiing!

Levers, Pulleys, Wheels - Homeschool Science Curriculum Levers, Pulleys, & Wheels - Here's a great lesson on 3 simple machines!!

Inclined Plane, Wedges, Screws - Homeschool Science Curriculum Inclined Plane, Wedges, & Screws - Here's the final lesson in simple machines!

Sound - Homeschool Science Curriculum Sound - What? Sound travels?! Find out how fast sound goes!!

Light - Homeschool Science Curriculum Light - Find out about the fastest thing in the universe EVER!

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