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Home School Curriculum For Kids - Latin American History

Latin American History

More people will soon speak their language than English!

This home school sub-curriculum consists of 4 lessons and explores the motivations, challenges, and accomplishments of Latin Americans living in the United States.

We recommend that this sub-curriculum in Latin American history be taught after the lesson on African American History. We also recommend that these lessons be taught one lesson per week in the order below.


Latin American History Lesson For Kids - Mexican Flag Mexican Americans - They once owned almost the entire left half of the United States!

Latin American History Lesson For Kids - Cuban FlagLatin American History Lesson For Kids - Dominican Republic Flag

Cuban and Dominican Americans - One of the leaders of McDonalds is Cuban American and one of the leaders of fashion is Dominican!

Latin American History Lesson For Kids - Salvadoran Flag Salvadoran Americans - They had to choose between living against the rules or dying following them!

Latin American History Lesson For Kids - Colombian Flag Colombian Americans - Famous Colombian Americans lent their voice to the Ice Age movies and played in Hanna Montana!

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