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Homeschool Resources

Here are some great homeschool resources for your family:

There are A LOT of homeschool resources out there on the 'Net. This page is dedicated to the ones that we feel have "met the grade".

Home Educators Resource Directory

This is a fabulous, user friendly site filled with worldwide comprehensive resources for the home educator.

I came across Home EDucators Resource Directory (HERD) while looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate site. So I went to Google and did a search on "homeschool directory" and found this site...and loved it!

You can tell by the information available on the site that it's pretty comprehensive - there are resources for general curriculum, support groups, and even homeschool related events in your state. In fact, I spoke with Mindy Lively, the creator of HERD, and she said her site has been around for over 5 years - plenty of time to identify, gather, and distill relevant homeschool resources into a single, easy-to-navigate website.

Now what makes this site stand apart from other homeschool directories is that the descriptions that you'll find for each resource is much more descriptive, making it easier to select the resources you're looking for.

Finally, the site also publishes a free monthly newsletter full of articles written by notable authors.

Created by Pat Fenner, a 14-year homeschooling veteran, this is a well-organized site full of information for those looking for help and tips on making everyday home schooling easier for you.

On Pat's site, you will find information on free homeschooling materials and loads of articles on an array of issues that every homeschooler faced, faces, or will face in their homeschooling journey.

What was most interesting to me was Pat's articles on teaching what I think are the more difficult lessons such as the fine arts. I think that learning fine arts is something that is truly under-emphasized on our society. To be honest, I'm kind of struggling on how to introduce this topic to my son in a way that he can understand and enjoy, and Pat's site gave me some good ideas on how to approach the fine arts with my son.

If her site helped me out on my query, I'm sure that it can help you out with your own.

Homeschool Top Sites - Best Homeschool Sites on the InternetHomeschool Top Sites

This is a very interesting site that has Internet users rank the popularity and quality of various homeschool websites. Users "vote" for their website by clicking into the Homeschool Top Sites icon (see upper left) - each click registers a vote. The combination of votes and quality (you can also rate websites from a 1-5 scale and also provide a short review) are then tallied and the websites are shown in order of popularity.

Visit their site to see which homeschool website is most popular with homeschoolers.

Also, if you have a moment, we'd love it if you could visit their site to give us top marks and a glowing review!

Just click on the icon, select "Curriculum Websites" in the "All Sites" menu located at the upper left of the homepage, then press "Go". Once you're in the Curriculum Websites section, look for our website and select "Rate and Review this Website" to give us a top rating and review.

Ok - you've decided to homeschool. But how do you set up your homeschool to best fit the needs of your children?

Created by a 13-year homeschool veteren, this website has a six-step program to make sure your goals, curriculum, teaching approach, and organization methods are all included to optimize your homeschool. The site also includes useful homeschool resources such as homeschool articles, links, and printables to help you along your homeschool journey.

MultiMedia Learning

This is a HUGE site that sells lesson materials around social science (American history, world history, and government).

These materials are not for the faint-of-heart. Each lesson, prepared by 2 former teachers with 44 years combined experience, comes with beautifully-created Powerpoint slides, guided worksheets, lessons, and exam questions. Looking at examples of their material, it seems like these folks produce some of the most professionally packaged products that can go head-to-head with the largest competitors in their field. So if you're looking for the best-of-the-best in social science lessons, look no further.

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