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Ground Rules for Using Our Home School Curriculum

Ground Rules on Using Our Homeschool Curriculum

We have 5 simple ground rules:

  1. Prepare for these scripted lessons by reviewing them at least once. Although we believe that we are saving teachers hours of preparation, our scripted lessons should not be seen as a whole substitute for good ole’ fashion lesson preparation! That means you will need to read the scripts ahead of time (just like actors would read their lines in advance to prepare for their performance) so that you can breathe your own life into the scripts.

  2. Do not teach our scripted lessons by reading them word for word. “What?!” you may ask. That’s right, let us say here upfront that reading the scripts word for word is like an actor reading a script word for word, which may sound a bit robotic and awkward. As mentioned above, we want you to breathe life into each script. So please use the script as a guide for what to say, but “tell your own story” so that the student will just think that the lesson is as natural as any conversation between teacher and student.

  3. Although the scripts can be taught “a la carte”, it’s best to start from the beginning and cover all scripts in the recommended order. This is totally up to you, but we believe that the student will get the most out of starting in the order recommended by us.

  4. Make sure that both teacher AND student are in a good mood before using the scripts. This may sound a bit silly at first, but as homeschool teachers, we cannot stress this point enough. The point of teaching is for our students to learn and recall while continuing to want to learn. If you don’t feel up to it or if the student feels the same, then we strongly recommend not launching into the scripts. Don’t worry, the scripts will still be here another day, but the student’s desire to learn may not return if she is “learning” against her will. Unlike public schools, homeschooling allows for this type of scheduling flexibility, so please take advantage of it!

  5. Be enthusiastic and have fun. Again, to encourage learning desire, teach with enthusiasm and have fun doing it. Your student will pick up on this and will want to learn even more!

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