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Homeschooling Information

Check out our articles that cover basic homeschooling information and our views on various homeschool hot topics!

How We Got Started

How We Got Started in Homeschooling - Track our thoughts and events that led us to joining the education revolution!

Homeschool 101

What is Homeschooling? - Find out what homeschooling is all about. A MUST READ for anyone considering homeschooling!

Is Homeschool Right For You? - It’s not for everyone, find out if you’re a good candidate!

Is Homeschool Right For Your Child? - The ability to homeschool a child is only half the equation. Find out if your child is a good fit too!

Homeschooling Regulations - Here's some CRITICAL homeschooling information - regulations MUST be followed and vary depending on your state. Find out why all changes across the nation are important to you REGARDLESS of where you live!

How Much Does Homeschool Cost? - Find out if you can handle the financial burdens, also get the 411 on financial aid!

What Teaching Method Should You Use? - Gain some valuable insights into how to homeschool your student for maximum fulfillment and minimum stress!

Hot Deals

Do Not Buy this Homeschool Product at Stores! - Whatever you do, READ THIS FIRST before buying this homeschool product!


Top 10 Summer Reading Programs 2010 NEW - Psst...Your child could receive over $90 worth of goodies just by reading over this summer! Review our top picks and learn about my strategy for the easiest way to scoop up those incentives!

Homeschool Writing Course for 7-Year Old Leads to Published Book NEW - It's easier than you think to have your child's book resting on her own bookshelf!

How Koreans Teach Basic Math - Here's a glimpse of how different teaching addition and subtraction are in Korea compared to the U.S.!

Homeschool Achievement Outperforms National Average - Read all about a 2009 study confirming that homeschool achievement outperforms the national average!

Secret of Academic Success - The secret of academic success? There's more to it than just parental involvement in academics.

Arizona High Schools Fail Civics - Is there any justification as to why Arizona high school students failed a sample civics test? Find out here.

Why Some States Require Teaching Certification for Homeschool - Some states require teaching certification for homeschool and some states don't - find out what it's all about!

Texas Senate Bill Threatens Parental Rights - SB 1440 just passed this week and the clock is ticking. See what you can do to help defeat this bill!

How Changes to U.K. Homeschooling Laws Affect You - Learn how some recent changes to U.K. homeschooling laws affect you!

Top 10 Summer Reading Programs 2009 - Psst...Your child could receive over $84 worth of goodies just by reading over this summer! Review our top picks and learn about my "8/9/10" strategy for the easiest way to scoop up those incentives!

Response to USA Today Article Citing "Profound Shift" in Homeschooling - This USA Today article claims some "profound" shifts, which aren't really "profound" at all!

Will My Child Turn Antisocial Because Of Homeschool? - Why this is no longer an issue!

Tools You Can Use

6/28/10 UPDATE: The homeschool attendance record article noted below has been updated for the 2010 - 2011 school year! There are no differences in how to use our homeschool attendance record so all the instructions in the article below still apply. Don't forget to request your FREE copy now!

How to Use Our Free Homeschool Attendance Record - This is simply one of the best student attendance record documents that you can use for your homeschool!

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