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Homeschool Educators - Sun and Serina

Who We Are

We are Sun and Serina Bae, proud parents of twins who homeschool our son full time and our daughter on the weekends. Why do we treat one child differently than the other? Simply because we believe that the best educational curriculums should fit around the child’s needs and not the other way around. Based on this belief, we made the commitment to homeschool our son while our daughter attends public school. For more details, see my article, "How We Got Started in Homeschooling".

...And Here's What It's All About

Here is a picture of our twins, Lauren and Ryan, with their cousins (who are also twins!). Lauren is first from left and Ryan is third from left. Our Kids

What Made Us Create This Site Anyway?

Simple answer: To give something back.

You see, typical new homeschool teachers prepare for future lessons often by searching on the Web for appropriate materials. This task sucks so much time out of their day, not because there isn’t enough material out there, but because there’s too much homeschool material that doesn’t exactly match the teacher’s needs. This sifting process is very time consuming and a real drag on the homeschool lesson creation process.

We often wondered ourselves, “Why can’t there be some good teaching material on the Web that is all-inclusive, meaning, if I click into the subject I want to teach, then the materials for the ENTIRE lesson will be accessible?”

Sure, these materials may exist on the Web, but you may have to pay for them. Or you may have to join some sort of “free” membership, which means giving out your email address so that you can get bombarded with unwanted ads. Oh, and did we mention yet another password that you will need to create and remember on top of all the other passwords for (fill in the list of websites that you’ve signed up for here)?

Well, we wanted NONE OF THAT! We wanted a site with absolutely free high-quality material that is easy to find and all-inclusive (sort of like those cruise ship vacations but which, if we had our way, would also include taxes, fees, tips, off-board excursions, AND alcohol – although we don’t drink much, but would like to throw in for the sake of all-inclusiveness). And by “free” we mean no memberships required, even “free” ones.

We could not find any such site…so we created our own.

If you share the same needs as those mentioned above, we believe you will be pleased with the material on this site.

Also, has this ever happened to you?

Here’s the scenario, you just spent hours gathering some great material for your lesson and completed a very successful lesson – your child loved it! We don’t know about you, but we feel kind of ambivalent after such sessions because: 1) we delivered a great lesson (feeling good!) and 2) considering all those hours put into preparation, that great lesson we delivered will likely never be taught again (feeling a bit ho-hum…).

Well, we believe that spending some extra time documenting our lessons to make them available for reuse is worth it; and in doing so, we believe that we are doing our humble part in giving back to the homeschool community, which would, hopefully, have a deeper and wider positive impact on the quality of homeschool education than if we just taught that great lesson to one child (although he is our most important!).

One thing we ask our users: You are welcome to use the lessons on this site for personal teaching use, but please do not sell, barter, or trade our content. We worked hard to document, test, revise, and publish these materials and profiting from them at our expense would really go against the spirit of this website.

Please visit our copyright policy and privacy policy for more details.

Ok – with that said, have at it!

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