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homeschool curriculum - aesop fables Aesop Fables is a book that I really enjoyed because of the fun way stories were told and the simple yet profound morals (commonly profound?) that came at the end of each one. After reading a few stories, I recall myself trying to figure out the moral of each story before the moral was revealed at the end - fun stuff in a kid-friendly intellectual way.

Since each story is short (a few paragraphs at most) and comes with a moral at the end of each story, I honestly think that this is a great book to help instill good ole' fashion values into children.

And who knows, maybe you might learn a thing or two?

This e-book comes with more than 140 stories (that's 165 pages!) and original illustrations that you just don't see in books today.

As a token of our appreciation, I will send you this e-book immediately upon completing the survey below.

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