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Homeschool Curriculum Scripted Lessons for Kids

Welcome to our Homeschool Curriculum Site!

We help you save time preparing your homeschool curriculum in American history and science.

How? Think of it as if you are a movie star being given your script for a movie, except that the movie is the lesson, the audience is the student, and the script is what you will say to teach the lesson. Since each scripted lesson already comes with fully-inclusive content developed around a single homeschool curriculum, the hours that you would have spent putting these lessons together yourself represents time saved for you!

The best thing is that we are the only site to offer our entire homeschool curriculum, consisting of a 37-week schedule of scripted lessons, for absolutely free!

Think about it for a moment - that's a whole school year's worth of lessons in American History offered to you...with no obligations.

Our homeschool curriculum focuses on kids ages 6-8 (who can read simple words and numbers, as well as perform simple addition and subtraction – this is to ensure that the students can learn and enjoy our lessons in a way that is easily understandable to them). Also, the ideal students should be able to sit still and engage in one-on-one conversation with their teachers.

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What’s the difference between a lesson plan and a scripted lesson?

You may have already come across homeschool lesson plans on the Web - there are tons of them out there! But since a lesson plan only outlines what topics to teach, this leaves it up to you as the homeschooler to find enough quality content for those topics and deliver the lesson, a process that can easily take hours!

A scripted lesson, on the other hand, not only covers what to teach (no need to search for quality content!), but also suggests exactly what to say to the student to have her understand the material.

In short, a scripted lesson includes both content and delivery, saving you hours of preparation!

Why should you use our scripted lessons?

  1. Comprehensive curriculum on a single site. Our individual lessons are deliberately created to fit under a consistent theme and topic, such as, People of America, which consist of 37 lessons about the immigration history of major nationalities that make up the U.S. population.

    This makes it easier for students to absorb facts and draw comparisons across lessons, making learning more interesting. You can also be assured that each lesson under our homeschool curriculum offering includes virtually all the materials to teach the topic. That means if you click into our lesson on, say, Irish Americans, all the content (except for physical supplies such as pencil, paper, etc.) to teach this topic are contained on our site or via links that we’ve already identified for you.

  2. Save time. You may find more material elsewhere, but as homeschoolers ourselves, we’re sure you’ve been disappointed, not by the lack of materials on the Web, but by too much material that is at best not relevant to your specific lesson and at worst just plain poor quality.

    Since our site includes virtually all the materials to teach the lesson, you no longer have to spend an hour or two scouring the Web to create a meaningful lesson for your student! As homeschoolers, and for anyone teaching for that matter, who couldn’t use an extra one or two hours out of the day?!?

  3. We do not require ANY sign-on commitment from you to use our lessons. On this site, you are not required to create yet ANOTHER pesky user ID and password to access our homeschool curriculum. Likewise, you won't receive any unsolicited ads from us. When we say free, we really mean it!

  4. For those with a yen for record keeping, scripted lessons are perfect. Talk about having documented records of your curriculum, we’ve already done it for you! Just select, teach, and print each lesson and viola! You not only taught a great lesson, but you also have the lesson documented for record keeping purposes!

  5. We teach these lessons to our own kids. As homeschoolers ourselves, we use our own content to teach our children. In fact, if we weren’t homeschool teachers first, this site would have never been created. That means that our lessons are genuine and authentic, which goes a long way towards making learning educational and fun.

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Please visit our lessons to access our homeschool curriculum or feel free to use the links located to the left side of our website. Also, if you're interested in general information about homeschool (as well as reading about how we got started homeschooling), visit our homeschooling information page.

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